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Outpatient Health Care Clinic Telecom Analysis and Planning Presentation 

This is an example presentation to the owners and executives of a 15 facility dynamic and fast growing outpatient health care at the end of an analysis and planning phase by the Gateway Group.

This represents the analysis and planning that should be done prior to making any purchase decisions for a new telecom system in order to select the right system to meet the organizations current and future needs, achieve the lowest costs, and take advantage of the many converged communications capabilities that are available today to improve operations efficiency and compete effectively in a highly competitive environment.

Many organizations skip or minimize this critical analysis, education and planning phase, going quickly to the purchase phase and miss significant opportunity to purchase a system that is right for thier needs at the lowest cost.

At the end of the analysis, education and planning stage, our client is prepared to work with a preferred vendor to specify a suitable solution, or create a vendor independent design specification and RFP that can be used to solicit meaningful competitive proposals.

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