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Selected Gateway Group Project Summaries

City of Fort Wayne (IN) Public Utilities - 311 Center

The Gateway group assisted the Ft. Wayne public utility to upgrade its fifty seat call center to a new full featured  system that can queue and manage emails and text messages as well as inbound and outbound voice calls. An outbound automated dialer calls after office hours to residences to remind of overdue water and sewage bills and to notify of rubbish and snow removal schedule changes. A full array of modern call center features such as call recording, real-time reporting, supervisor listen and whisper, work force management etc. give the City powerful tools to improve performance and taxpayer satisfaction while containing costs.


The same system call center system powers Fort Wayne’s six seat 311 call center to expedite taxpayer’s calls and emails to the right department and assure that callers get a response within a specified time.  Taxpayers save time with reduced frustration trying to find the right department and person to answer their questions and requests and City employees spend far less time transferring calls and returning voice mails.

Child and Family Services of Buffalo, NY

The Gateway Group was selected design and implement a complete communications overhaul for one of the oldest and largest NGO social services agencies in the US. With CFS’s goal of becoming easier to communicate with for a wide range of clients, including clients in crisis, we redesigned CFS’s communications flow, inbound phone number plan and phone-responder job descriptions. We then created a communications technology plan including redundant VoIP PBX servers, an outsourced MPLS WAN followed by RFPs for PBX and carrier services.  Ten locations, including a boarding school and secure home for battered women are now served by high reliability MPLS WAN network with twinned PBXs providing centralized call flow, and ACD to provide call activity and response metrics.


Dialogue Marketing - Dialog-Direct

The Gateway Group led the transformation of a single location traditional tele-marketing company with 100 employees into a tele-web consumer interaction company that has grown to 16 call center and fulfillment locations and 5,700 employees.

  • Complete data and voice system upgrade to an extensible multi-channel inbound / outbound call center.
  • Phone inbound / phone outbound / e-mail / web interaction / chat / fax / paper.

Case study below

City of Fort Wayne / Allen County, IN

The Gateway Group managed a comprehensive three year conversion of all City of Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding Allen County Government phones from Centrex and POTS lines to VoIP. We managed all aspects from opportunity analysis to contractor sign-off of this major conversion of over 2,400 phones in 100 departments spread across 100 locations, with the end result of improved communications, better control of call flow and reduced monthly carrier costs. The reduction in carrier costs produced a 3-1/2 year ROI on this multi-million dollar upgrade.

Michigan Virtual University

Early stage technology planning and implementation.

  • Career planning and search system.
  • Largest State virtual university in the US.

Analysis of eLearning Delivery System needs and the definition and  selection of a vendor.

  • 1000+ Web-based courses.
  • 100,000+ on-line student capability
  • Wide range of subscriber bandwidth connection speeds
  • http://www.MiVU.org

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Detroit Public Schools

Gateway Group was a team member of a fast-track three year $500 million school building and technology upgrade for the Detroit Public Schools. Working with the fabled Albert Kahn Associates architectural firm, the Gateway Group participated in the redesign of a comprehensive IP WAN network to carry HD security camera traffic, classroom AV, classroom television, WiFi Internet for netbooks and tablets, and voice for over 120 schools. We created a telecom / Unified Communications plan followed by detailed design and purchase specifications and then coordinated the RFP process for PBX systems and phone installation in 20 new and refurbished schools and a new DPS Security Command Center. We were responsible for assuring vendor compliance to Gateway Group specifications in all new and refurbished schools. We reduced monthly costs in most refurbished schools by identifying excess trunking for de-commissioning.




Research and development of a Strategic Plan for WiFi deployment in low-income neighborhoods

  • Technology and operational plan to reduce the digital divide in low-income neighborhoods.
  • WiFi Mesh Community Network.
  • Collaborating with the University of Michigan School of Social Work

Download the complete Detroit Connected Feasibility Analysis and Organizational Plan. Forty three pages in PDF format.

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City of Allen Park


The Gateway Group provided a full analysis and report of the telephone system and carrier services for all departments of the City of Allen Park (MI), including police, fire, treasurer, clerk, public works, public library, recreation center and SCADA devices. The analysis and recommendations included a detailed plan to convert old type phone lines and trunks to more up-to-date configurations and reduce annual carrier bills by 50%.


South Bend Clinic & SurgiCenter

Complete communications overhaul. Telecom system planning, vendor selection and implementation oversight.

  • Outpatient medical clinics.
  • Telephone PBX / WiFi / VM / UM/ Call center.
  • VoIP.
  • 11 locations and 70 physicians.
  • Fully survivable independent operation at all locations.
  • 750 phones.
  • 15 call centers.
  • Enterprise-Wide WiFi coverage.
  • WiFi phones with full enterprise-wide roaming.
  • Four digit dial throughout the enterprise.
  • Mitel / AVST / Cisco / Spectralink / Emergin
  • http://www.southbendclinic.com

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Boulder Valley School District

The Gateway Group partnered with another SCTC consultant to help the Boulder Valley School district significantly reduce annual software assurance and maintenance cost on Avaya VoIP PBXs serving 4,500 phones in 53 schools. In addition to reducing annual SA costs, the new solution developed by the Gateway Group and UniComm Consulting provides BVSD with increased assistance to better utilize and more easily maintain the Avaya system.




Allen County Public Library

A full-featured multi-site Unified Communications implementation

Telecom planning, designing the system, RFP development and proposal process management, implementation guidance.

  • 300,000 square foot new Main Library and 13 Branches.
  • 310 wired VoIP phones, 110 WiFi VoIP phones, 17 pay phones.
  • Dual tandem PBX
  • Unified Messaging, Voice Mail / WiFi phones / call centers, text messaging, call management.
  • http://www.acpl.lib.in.us/

Download the full case study.

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Case Studies


Dialogue Marketing - Dialog-Direct

Working with the Owner and the company's management team, we led the re-invention of a 20 year-old traditional tele-marketing company into a Tele-Web CRM Interaction company.

Gateway Group was responsible for developing Dialogue Marketing's strategy, putting together the technology plan, evaluating telecom and Web interaction systems, managing the selection of a vendor and the contracting process, re-defining the client's related internal organization and job descriptions. 

We selected Interactive Intelligence’s technology to provide seamless interactive phone / web / e-mail / fax and paper dialogue capability, and supervised the upgrading of the server system and network to handle all the new capabilities . 

Dialogue Marketing has evolved from a single location call center into Dialog-Direct with sixteen locations and 5,700 employees.


Michigan Virtual University

MIVU is a consortium of the State of Michigan, Michigan universities, colleges and community colleges and the business community.  It was formed to deliver wide ranging virtual education and career services to Michigan's K-12 students, college and trade school students as well as working adults via the Internet.

Michigan Virtual University was essentially a start-up business that was helped by Gateway Group with strategic business and technology planning to develop a comprehensive Web-based career guidance system for students, career councilors and adults. The start-up budget was $5 Million.  Gateway Group led the development of the career group’s business,  technology and organizational plans, overseeing external vendor selection, guiding software licensing and support contracting.

eLearning Delivery System planning and acquisition 

MVU’s library of over 1,000 Web Based multi-media courses  is available to over 100,000 state students and residents 7/24. We analyzed the technical, logistical, social and business requirements for the eLearning delivery system, wrote an RFP, managed the proposal process, and guided MVU through the selection and contracting for this very large eLearning Delivery System.




Developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, the DetroitCONNECTED program has received national recognition for it’s use of technology together with numerous community resources to reduce the growing Digital Divide which disenfranchises lower-income families and neighborhoods. 

Gateway Group helped to conceive and develop a  comprehensive plan to provide low-cost computer skills training and Internet access to Detroit’s low-income neighborhoods via WiFi Mesh Networks.


South Bend Clinics and SurgiCenter

This fast growing, multi-faceted outpatient company needed a new phone system for its 12 facilities but was having a hard time defining a solution.  Several companies were proposing solutions, but the Clinic had not been able to clarify its needs, and was unsure about whether VoIP was a viable choice.  There seemed to be an endless list of requirements that needed to be verified and prioritized. While the Clinic is a corporate enterprise, there are over two dozen different groups within the enterprise, each with its own unique communications requirements. For example, the pediatrics department’s requirements for phone processes were very different from those of the pharmacy. The physicians wanted to be able to serve clients “by candlelight” if necessary during a power outage, but the phones would need to work to schedule appointments.

After struggling for a couple of years to clarify their needs for a new phone system, the South Bend Clinic & SurgiCenter contracted with the Gateway Group to help define and acquire a new phone system. Within four months, we analyzed their operational and technical situation, researched best in breed solutions in their industry, educated and surveyed users and designed a solution to the clinic’s myriad needs which included: 

  • 11 locations
  • Centralized control, VM and reporting
  • Fully survivable independent operation in all locations with UPS to the phones
  • 750 phones
  • 15 Call Centers  
  • WiFi phones with an enterprise roaming network
  • VoIP        
  • Four digit dial throughout the enterprise
  • Comprehensive call activity monitoring and call accounting  

Gateway Group contracted with highly qualified companies to do a VoIP Wan readiness study and an RF analysis and plan for the placement and configuration of WiFi Access Points throughout the enterprise.  

We wrote a detailed but brand agnostic RFP for the complete telecom system. Because there were very few VAR’s in the area with the necessary experience for such a complex project we used a Request For Information process to identify qualified vendors within three hours of South Bend. The RFP was published to the qualified regional vendors resulting in seven competent proposals based on six different equipment brands.  The best proposal was over 30% lower cost than the others. The cost difference was more than twice as much as the Gateway Group’s fees. 

The Gateway Group also led a research and proposal effort to reduce carrier costs, resulting in a 40% savings in phone line charges, while increasing trunk capacity and preserving calling and contract flexibility. 

Allen County Public Library

The very progressive Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne,  Indiana chose the Gateway Group to guide them through a telecom system  upgrade in conjunction with the construction of a fabulous new 300,000  square foot  main library and upgrades of their 13 branch libraries. ACPL  serves Fort Wayne and the very large surrounding Allen County with library, reference, educational and Internet access services. ACPL’s very significant genealogy department is world renown.

The Gateway Group analyzed ACPL's business strategy, their current system and IP infrastructure and conducted an extensive series of educational focus group sessions to determine which telecom capabilities and features would best help the Library serve its community and improve its operational efficiencies. Early on it became clear that the mobility provided by portable WiFi phones connected to the PBX would significantly improve efficiencies for several departments including Reader Services, Research and IT Support.  The WiFi network was also designed to support ACPL's goal of providing convenient broadband access for its patrons with seamless multi-level coverage in all ACPL facilities.

Providing full WiFi coverage in libraries presents numerous challenges starting with WiFi signals being blocked by dense book stacks on metal shelves, areas with low ceilings and areas with large open spaces.  The Gateway Group brought in one of the country's foremost wireless engineering firms to lead the WiFi system design. 

Gateway Group designed a VoIP telecom solution for a completely new phone system for the new library, data center and 13 branches. The design will deliver total communications  custom tailored to the library’s current and projected needs well into the future. The vendor independent,design incorporates a range of functions and features that supports  the library’s specific service and operational requirements while delivering value, future flexibility and scalability.

Gateway Group created a comprehensive, brand neutral RFP, managed the proposal and evaluation process and assisted ACPL through final selection, negotiations and contracting.

 The solution includes:

  • Pure VoIP solution enterprise wide
  • Dual VoIP PBX's working in tandem at two locations in back-up fail-over mode
  • ISDN Primary or SIP trunk lines
  • 446 Phones
  • Mitel 5340 HTML graphic display phones.
  • WiFi phones operating as full functionality PBX extensions throughout 15 facilities.
  • Public Pay phones operating through PBX trunking
  • UPS on all phone equipment, to the phones by POE so phone system will continue operating even after a power outage.
  • Call Centers, distributable across all enterprise facilities
  • Text Messaging between desktops, phones and the public via Microsoft LCS server.
  • Unified Messaging
  • Desktop call managment for conference calls, Presence Management.
  • Call Accounting System



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