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The Way We Work

Our Processes

We're tenacious about getting Ready-Aim-Fire in the right order, especially when it comes to making significant technology investments.  Proper analysis and planning takes time up front, but nearly always results in a better, lower cost solution, and frequently results in a faster implementation time-to-ROI.

Typical Stages in the Gateway Group Process:

1.       Strategy Clarification. Our planning process typically starts with understanding, or helping to clarify your strategic business objectives. Input typically comes from the CEO and executive team. Output from this stage typically includes a measurable definition of a successful project outcome along with a narrative vision statement of the successful outcome. Achieving clarity in this stage guides decision making through all subsequent stages.

2.        Information Gathering and Education. Typically comprised of several concurrent activities:

  • Technical assessment of existing equipment, physical environment, network readiness.
  • Organizational readiness to support the likely new technology.
  • User education of capabilities of new technology and impact assessment on operations and customer / partner relationships.
  • Cost analysis of supporting legacy equipment, carrier contracts and other costs.
  • Competitive and Best-In-Class Scan to help set benchmarks for success.
  • Solutions Scan to determine relevant current technology offerings, capabilities and general costs.

3.       Analysis, Report and Recommendations. Output of this stage is typically a report on data collected, a situation analysis, recommendations and high-level budgets.

4.       High-Level Solution Design.  High level solution design with prioritized requirements. Often includes task, job and organizational definitions to support the proposed solution. These documents a basis for vendor selection and/or a Request For Proposal document.

5.       Vendor Candidate Identification.  An active search for vendors, typically Value Added Resellers with the qualifications to translate the High Level Design into a detailed design solution and implement it.

6.       Vendor Selection. Either by a formal RFP process or through interviews and presentations.  Our expertise at RFP development and vendor selection will help you find the best partner without exhausting your staff.

7.       Contracting. Clear definitions of deliverables, responsibilities, timing and variable costs is vital to a successful and cost effective implementation. We help you get it right.

8.       Implementation oversight. Major system implementations typically require expertise beyond that typically found in in-house staff and overloads already busy people.  Mistakes made during a large implementation can be very expensive and career limiting.

9.       Utilization Facilitation. Sadly most major installation never live up to their promise because of a lack of follow-up efforts to implement and use the systems’ capabilities. We help users apply what you bought to achieve your business objectives through departmental counseling, communications and training.

Best-In-Class Lean Teams

We don't have a "bench" that we need to keep busy. We don't believe in on-the-job training at your expense.  Once we complete an initial analysis of your situation, we contract with highly qualified experts with currentspecific subject knowledge to handle specific tasks such as network readiness analysis, security systems, RF analysis for WiFi, etc. 

As an active member of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International, we have ready access to member consultants with the broadest, deepest and most up-to-date communications technology knowledge and experience  in the world.  You get the best of a fast-moving high-value lean team AND the world's largest and best team of communications technology consultants.

Effective use of Technology

We use technology very effectively to reduce costs, put you in control with real-time - all the time access to all project information and to keep the team working at maximum efficiency.

  • Our projects are planned and tracked in detail using Microsoft Project and with the plans available in Project and PDF format. 
  • We create a Team Work Site using WebOffice to host all project documents, contact information, open tasks,  links and schedules. It's very easy to use, secure, reliable and allows your designated staff 7/24 controlled access to documents, interfaces with Exchange, and makes it easy to archive all documents at project's end.
  • We use GoTo Meeting for team real-time brainstorming, status meetings and review. Participants can join the meeting by phone, table or computer.

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