Gateway Group
Why consider us?



We focus on your business objectives, not on the technology.

We deliver excellent value, Value in the consulting services that we provide and value in the solutions that we find for you.

We're easy to work with. We're good listeners, consensus builders and communicators. Our only agenda is your agenda.

We're organized. Our processes are strong and clear. All of your project information is always available on a dedicated private work-site. Information exchange is efficient and accurate.

We're solution agnostic. We come to our clients with a great deal of knowledge and experience, but we never presume to know the answer to your problem until we fully understand your situation. We never pretend to know everything in the market place. Technology changes very fast, and a solution that's right for one situation may not be right for a seemingly similar situation.

Integrity. We believe that personal integrity should never be comprimised and must be maintained in all business affairs. We're committed to the Society Of Communications Technology Consultants code of ethics.  Click to view.

Gateway Group LLP - 19700 Blossom Lane, Suite 200, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA 48236